My Daughter has a Hemangioma
My daughter is only 4.5 and she has gone through
many different kinds of surgeries. She developed
a hemangioma(capillaries that produce to much 
blood) on her face at 2 weeks old. The doctor
tried oral prednisone but she did not respond to
it. Then he tried a prednisone injection into the
hemangioma which did not work either. It continued
to grow until at age 1 1/2 the doctor had to do a 
partial removal. After that we had to switch 
doctors because of insurance. Our new doctor was a
laser specialist. He started laser treatments at 3.5. 
She had gone through that for a year  having
treatments every 3 months. 
She  had a treatment with the Candela
pulsed-dye laser and is looking great. All of this started
because her vision was blocked. She now wears glasses.
The laser procedures were done to make wearing the
glasses more comfortable.She is now 7.5years old. We have not done any more treatment yet. She has some scar tissue left under her scar that has to be removed. Most people don't even realize that she has a scar or any idea of what she has been through.

I put this information here for educational purposes 
and support for those whose children have Hemangiomas.

If you know anyone who has a child with a Hemangioma  
please give them my Email. I would love to hear from
them and offer some support.

I have designed web pages with the help of Linda Shannon who has done a lot of research on hemangiomas to offer support and a resource to know that there are people you can turn to for help. Birthmarks and Hemangiomas InterNETwork Support

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